About Us

Cumbie Advisory Services, Inc. (CASI) is a Fort Worth, Texas based, boutique professional services firm founded in 1988.  We are honored to serve the many and varied needs of a geographically and demographically diverse group of (typically, but not always, U.S. mainland based) private clients.  Of course, we do serve clients only in jurisdictions and manners wherein it is regulatorially compliant for us to do so. 

The CASI team is dedicated to providing high touch, "real" personal financial planning, investment management consulting, and Heritage Design services in a manner tailored to fit discerning individual clients and their families' situations and preferences. 

We are properly credentialed, highly experienced, and richly resourceful. Perhaps most importantly, as individuals and as a team, we consciously strive to engage all with whom we interface, including and not limited to our clientele, in an honest, direct, and respectful manner.  It's personal here.  No one is ever "just a number" to us.       

Our services are functionally priced on an advance quoted fee-for-service basis as follows:


Personal Financial Planning -- Monthly charged flat fee

Investment Management Consulting --  Quarterly charged financial asset based fees

Heritage Design -- Project specific fees  


We welcome your query and will attempt to be fully responsive even if you are merely curious as to whether our service model and offerings might fit and be able to help you or your family directly, or if we can possibly help via a professional or other referral. 

Thank you very much for visiting our website, and please let us know when we may be of service!